“Our training sessions only last 20 minutes and you can choose whether to train at your house, in your office or at one of our partner gyms, so you really have no more excuses not to train…”

Valerie Vasquez Lela

I’ve been involved in Personal Training and EMS Training since it arrived in Dubai about 5 years ago. I was sceptical at first because we’ve all seen those abdominal belts on TV which allegedly give you six-pack abs while sitting on the sofa, watching a movie and tucking into a tub of ice cream. But after my first EMS session it became clear that this was something completely different. The EMS movement has been growing worldwide at an exponential pace these last years and for a good reason: it is the most effective training you can do, and it’s especially well suited for today’s busy lifestyle.

I’m a fully certified personal trainer and an instructor in Step, Aerobics, BodyPump as well as a running technique coach.


I really enjoyed the training it’s the real thing! Best thing about it is the fact that it achieves so much in so little time. I imagine one would need 2 ‘normal’ 1-hour gym sessions for the same result. Angela was extremely professional and explained things as we went along. She came across as very knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable with equipment that is different to what I have used before.